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  • The Importance of Fun

    Little Champs, we are the best!
    Try and put us to the test!
    We can jump and skip and run,
    That’s what makes us number 1!

    That is the Little Champs war cry. We sing this at the end of every single session with our kids, and they get really excited about it. Then they get really excited about the stamps they are about the get: “Charlie Champ is on my hand! And all the way up my arms, and on my face, and on my tummy”, and anywhere else they can find to fit a stamp…

    Fun is one of the most important aspects of the Little Champs program. Why would a child want to do something if it isn’t fun? As adults, we have become used to the idea that not everything is fun: we sit in traffic, we fold laundry, we wait in queues at the grocery store… While we can try and make some of these daily activities somewhat interesting, it isn’t always fun. This is one of the benefits of being a child (one

    The Little Champs program takes full advantage of this. What we want is for our children to be active, because active children are happy and healthy children, and it sets the tone for the rest of their lives. By having a fun program, the children want to participate, and are enthusiastic and excited about getting involved and getting active. This ensures that they always want to participate, and helps to develop these lifelong habits.

    The Little Champs coaches have also been carefully selected for their ability to make the sessions fun so that the children can get the most benefit out of each one. Our programs are unique, and have been carefully crafted especially for children in a way that they can easily associate with. They have the added advantage of being educational in their implementation. For example, Buzzing Bees is a bit of phonetics and alphabet, as well as being a physical activity, and the kids have fun by buzzing like a bee!

    A fun program is one that kids want to stick to, and we want the kids to stick to the program, so we make sure it’s fun. Keep practising the war cry so we can shout it as loud and proud as we can. Little Champs is lots of fun, that’s what makes us number one!

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