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  • Planet Fitness

    After years of successfully bringing children our fun and educational exercise programs, Little Champs is about to take on a huge milestone: we are growing up, and going on an adventure!As of September 2014, Little Champs are partnering up with Planet Fitness to bring the exciting Little Champs program to a gym near you.This means that our scientifically developed program will be available to members of Planet Fitness and their children, giving parents an opportunity to have a moment for themselves while we entertain their little ones in one of the healthiest ways possible! This is a great opportunity for parents to get that gym session in that they “never have any time for”. No more excuses!

    Physical activity is important for the growth and development of our children. The Little Champs program focuses on developing gross motor skills, which means big activities that get kids moving. We aim to get kids excited about this opportunity to exercise and be active, and partnering with Planet Fitness means we have a new environment to do this in. This also means that even more kids can get involved, which means more chance to make friends and encourage Teamwork, which is one of our intrinsic values.

    By partnering with Planet Fitness, Little Champs joins a team where people are encouraged to be who they are, have support from those around them, and learn what they are capable of. What better environment could you ask for when teaching your kids how to be active?

    If you’re already a member of Planet Fitness, you’re one step ahead of everyone else in getting your child signed up for regular physical activity that they can look forward to every week. If you are not a member, signing up is really easy! There is nothing standing in the way of you and your child getting fit and healthy. Join us on this journey, and get ready to see some amazing benefits!