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  • New Year, New Activities!

    As we start another year, you look back and realise that you have completed another successful year of parenting! Congratulations!

    Many people have jumped on the “New Year, new me!” bandwagon, but you also have your kids’ year ahead to thing about. What about “New Year, new extra murals”?

    The start of the new year is the perfect time to organise all the daily activities you are going to fill your child’s time with in order to ensure they are the most prepared for their future. Maybe you’re thinking: learn to swim? Or extra reading lessons? These are undoubtably good activities for your child to be participating in, but bear in mind they often only really prepare your child for something very specific; that doesn’t necessarily translate into other activities.

    Little Champs focuses on developing coordination skills, balance and agility, speed and many other physical skills. But we also help develop children’s listening and understanding skills, their own communication skills, as well as literacy skills.

    Not to mention that Little Champs is ridiculously fun! Our program is the kind that gets kids excited to go to each day. And doesn’t that set a good tone for their life, if your child is already getting excited about learning and keeping active?

    The Little Champs program is offered at Planet Fitness branches in Bedfordview, Craighall, and Wanderers. We also host afternoon sessions at Waverley Bowling Club. To sign up for Little Champs, putting your child on the path to success for life, click here.

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