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  • Developmental Theory

    Much research has been performed in the area of Early Childhood Development. The leading theorists in this area, including Piaget, Gestalt and Montessori are all of the academic opinion that PLAY is essential to the development of a child. All three theorists conducted research that supports the view that PLAY greatly enhances a child’s SENSORIMOTOR development.

    In the context of these theorists’ findings and conclusions, the Little Champs coaching program and curriculum are geared specifically towards sensorimotor development. Many of the individual exercises are designed to ensure that more than one skill is acquired at a time. This ensures that a child who participates in our program is exposed to a large amount of vital sensorimotor development, with the objective being to master these elements.

    Our program incorporates all key areas of sensorimotor development:

    Body Image Large Muscle Activity
    Balance Space and Direction
    Hearing Discrimination Basic Body Movement
    Eye-Hand Co-ordination Eye-Foot Co-ordination
    Form Perception Symmetrical Activities
    Rhythm Fine Muscle Development

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