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  • Coaching Philosophy

    When You Believe

    Our coaching philosophies are one of the building blocks to our success and the success of the kids that have been through our program.

    One of the things that makes Little Champs unique are these coaching philosophies that guide the way we coach. No single philosophy is more important than any other, rather they all work to create the ideal, fun environment that kids thrive in and allow for transfer of skills to kids.

    We call this The Little Champs Way.

    In no particular order we live by the following philosophies:

    • Coaching in a non-competitive environment
    • Focus on the individual
    • Limited numbers of participants per class
    • Natural coaching environment
    • Always addressing social values
    • On-going program development
    • The importance of Group interaction
    • Charlie as the central character of all we do

    The Little Champs Way