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    Freebie February!

    Our first term of the year is about to begin, and we’ve decided to give you a New Years special: sign up in February and get the month for free!

    Little Champs classes will be starting at Planet Fitness gyms around Johannesburg on Monday 2 February (check the Venues tab for your local venue), and we have a jam packed schedule to keep the kids active for the year.

    The Little Champs program is a fun and effective kids developmental sports-play extra mural that your child will look forward to attending every week.

    Little Champs cares as much about our parents as we do about our kids. And the best part about being at Planet Fitness, is that you get to spend some well-deserved alone time on exercising for you and your own health! Although, of course, if you want to spend the time being entertained by how clever and skilled your children are, feel free to attend the class yourself as well.

    Bring your child along in for a month free in February, and give the Little Champs program a try. Your kids will thank us for it! (We do not take responsibility for children frequently requesting and nagging to go play with Charlie Champ).

    For class times, check out your local Planet Fitness venue: Bedfordview, Craighall, Wanderers.

    To sign up, click here, where you can also conveniently manage your profile.